Saturday, November 1, 2014

Entry 23 IDT1415 Angelos' PLE Definition

While VLE is actually an environment (for example, Moodle is a VLE), how would you define PLE? To make it easier for you, do you think it is a tool, and if yes, then which one is your PLE? Or, is PLE, perhaps, an approach to learning? That is, when we want to learn something, we “employ” our PLE? Or, finally, is PLE a collection of tools we use to learn?

My Reflections...

Although the implication of 'Environment' is that of a place, I would define my Personal Learning Environment as a collection of tools I use to learn in different places and through different people (PLN) thus also including Karina's social perspective however to a lesser extent. I like CISCO's idea of the Internet of Everything (IOE) and how it has become my 'study room' where my bookshelf contains windows into anything I want to learn. My PLE are those open web resources which allow me to explore, select and adopt tools which help me organise my learning and gives me the possibility to be a networked student, but not only! I also consider part of my mobile PLE my iPad, my iPod, and my smart phone as they help me keep connected or simply give me the possibility to listen to a podcast or watch a lecture while I wait for the bus. As I said before, people are also an important part of my PLE as I believe they bring perspective to my findings via my PLN through my Facebook groups, own blog, my not very active Twitter account, collaborating wikis, my social bookmarking tools, my groups and connections in LinkedIn, and a few others. In short, my PLE is composed of 3 main elements, the internet, people and devices which give me access to information which I then choose how to organise to suit my needs.

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