Friday, April 17, 2015

Entry 55 IDT1415 - Assessment of and for learning - Balancing Assessment with Web 2.0 Tools

Hello everybody,

Here's my full contribution on this task on assessment of and for learning. After reading this week's articles and materials I created a table which aims to assess these tools as suggested in the task. I designed the table (assessment instrument) based on the inclusion of a generalised form of assessment criteria (Moon 2002a:103) by assigning a happy or unhappy face as the equivalent of a Yes/No whenever any of the tools met the criterion as defined by Haunsell et al. (2007) regarding the four strategies: feedforward assessments, cumulative coursework, better understood expectations and standards, and speedier feedback.

I must confess that I found Haunsell et al. (2007) and Carless (2007) the most interesting of the 4 resources while also found myself going back to last week's Knight's (2001). The CambridgeTV video was not very informative - maybe because I watched after doing all the readings :-) - and Huang's (2012) article I found a bit boring. Here's a link to the table.


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Knight, P., 2001. A Briefing on Key Concepts – Formative and summative, criterion & norm-referenced assessment. , pp.1–32.

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